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Triple C Computers Pricing & Levels of Service

Levels of Service:

Standard Service Normal turn-around time for processing ranges from two to four weeks depending upon our regular workload. We will inform you of your expected wait time when you surrender your computer for service. Standard shop fees are contingent upon the service required to bring your computer back to health.

Expedited Service = $65.00

For an additional $65.00, we do offer expedited or “rush” service that brings your computer ahead of our standard processing line & to the end of the “rush” processing line. Typical turn-around time for a “rush” job is three to five days (depending on the work required of us). Standard shop fees still apply.

Mission-Critical Service = $120.00

For an additional $120.00, we now offer mission-critical service that guarantees your computer will be looked at the same day that it’s brought in. Turn-around time, as with the above services, is contingent upon labor & hardware (if applicable) to bring your computer back to health. This service is primarily focused toward our business customers with time-sensitive information stored on the sick computer. Standard shop fees still apply.

The Expedited & Mission-Critical fees are in addition to any other shop fees incurred for required services. If your computer is placed on the Expedited or Mission-Critical work bench, there will be the additional agreed-to fee even if you elect not to repair the computer. No exceptions.

Neither Expedited nor Mission-Critical service guarantees work completed same day or next-day. These services are offered only to “bump” your computer ahead of our other customers. The time required to repair your computer is dependent upon the work required of us & hardware availability (if applicable).

Triple C Computers Services Price List

Travel Surcharge

25 – 35 miles with a two-hour minimum
(Midland / Andrews / Crane)

36+ miles with a three-hour
minimum and $0.75 per mile.

The above shop fees DO NOT include any
additional costs for necessary
hardware repair / replacement.

Total Care and Maintenance = $195.00

The Windows operating system is manually scanned, cleaned, repaired, & recovered.
Given the severity of corruptions within the Windows operating environment due to today’s malicious infections (most especially “scareware” / “crimeware”) and the time required by the tech, this is the most costly (and least recommended) option for non-busi-ness users who do not have
a concern re-installing programs, applications,
& pe-ripherals.

This service includes up to three existing Windows profiles (“us-ers”), and it is an additional $25 per Win-dows profile beyond three.

Once on the bench, this process takes four to seven business days for repair.

All for just $195.00.

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